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Blue…Nighttime Rituals

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Blue had this things or stuff she would do every single night. She would gather up her stuffed animals and her dolls and favorite pillows and would pile them up on her bed.

Blue thought hard to herself one evening as to what she could possibly do to protect herself from the dangers that came with the nighttime around her house. She had no recourse if something wanted to snatch her out from her bed. She was just a little girl but she could make it darn well hard for them to reach her and pull her out of her bed.

So, she tucked herself in the covers that were on her bed. She also strategically formed her stuff like her dolls and stuffed animals around her body and tucked them close as well. As if she was creating a second skin, she would lie really still so as to not create an avalanche of toys falling off of her bed. The only room she left herself was a little area near her face so she could look out for someone coming.

She did not know any other way to guard against a person coming in and taking her away. She after all was a little person and there was so many “monsters” in her house. She just knew if she let her guard down she would surely be taken away.  She always waited till she heard no one else in the house stirring and waited until the lights were all turned out before she felt some sense of relief. She did not really ever sleep well back then. She still can’t.

The largest of her toys were placed around her legs and belly area. She figured there was a good place because her legs and body would be hard to make out. Like it would create some kind of confusion. She placed the fuzziest ones near her face and chest, this was so she could look through all that fuzz, but yet remain unspotted while spying out into the room. Yes, all this made perfect sense to her. She was the one who went on to do this night-time ritual every single night. It seemed to work for the most part.

All except a few times , that is. Those few times would guarantee that she never would let up her ritualistic behavior, and that would be her main reason to come up with even better ways of “evading’ the monsters in the house. Now if she had friends over, she was not worried at all and her toys and dolls had a much-needed break from surrounding her. She felt that with her friend or friends over she was spared,

She also made sure that she never left any skin exposed at night, She would wear something covering her from head to foot and she would make sure of that. That was yet another ritual at night for her. This was to ensure that the monsters would not see or touch her skin. She was afraid if they did, she would be tortured for sure. She always wanted to seem invisible. Invisible was a great wish of hers back in her younger years.

Being invisible would have saved her many difficult circumstances, and kept her from prying eyes and moving hands. If only!

To be continued…

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