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Excerpt from my book, “Heart Paths”

Hello, this poem is a short but poignant piece. This book was my second one. I did it all by myself and there may be some spelling or grammar errors in it.

I think I become better with time and much practice. If you want raw, emotional feelings put into words, this book will do all that.


It Surrounds Me

I wish my life would just let me be

I smother underneath its grasp, that surrounds me

The many times I could not count on my two hands

If there was a stack, it would take a million rubber bands

No one can measure the uneasiness I feel

That is why it seems , Oh too real.

I wish I could hide somewhere far away, till it passes

But life doesn’t bump us, it seems to come in crashes.

I wonder how life would be , should it have a key

To unlock all the crap of it, that surrounds me.

Seldom is there a way of exit

It creeps in slowly , it is too late when you regret it.

MwsR <3

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Heart Paths

Thank you for reading 🙂



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Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)

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