October Writing Prompt/ Challenge

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Rules state you should pick a prompt and write all that comes to mind, in ten minutes!

Punctuation and grammar and spelling errors are allowed, so forgive me on that!

Devils Delight

Stranger than fiction it starts and continues

Wondering eyes are trying to follow your every move, hoping to escpaee all that you do not want to endeavor

Dealing with things becomes so mundane

the rest of this life can be a pleasure fair for you if you give in to the devils delight

take a life because no one cares, hurt another because you can. let go of your conscious self and rest in the mirror of a façade. Twisted meaning is given to everything, twisted thought with no moral compass, the devil seeks to dvour us all should we let our guard down for one moment of our little time here on earth he is waiting in our shadows, watching for the right moment to bring us to him. He does not care who is affected see that is the power of selected memories and games he likes to play. He is strong when you think that is wht you need, he is bold when you feel you have no strength, he is fierce in that he can plow down anything that keeps you from being his. He is the master of disguise, master of the night and discourager of the heart. He delights in our demise and our suffering. He makes you see thing sthat are not real, he has you believeing that he is the way to bring about your utter most desires. He thinks that iif you will relax he he aill capture you and your heart. he does not like to fight for your affection if you follow him and partake in his desires or delight he will want you day and night. Things that use to matter will all be obsolved, he will not care for them and will want you not to yourself. He is srange yet the easiest thing youu will ever choose. He makes the things you most want the things you must mhave. He really is clever, wise and cunning. he will offer you the moone and stars and leave you with sadness and disappointment seeking to find something else to comfort you, you will hold out your hands ana dhe will grab onto them and suck you into his ways, his desires, hs Delights. he is vermon and he is the ruler of his twisted kingdom, on this very earth. If you believe him to be light of the world, you will be sorely disappointed.

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