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Oh, If you were to know the real me

What demons and vile things would you see?

Would you take a seat and sit a while

Or would you turn foot and give a look of beguile?

There are so many places I need to go and change

One of them would be, not to remain the same.

I like to be unfinished, but with a purpose or a crusade

But never do I like to had been replaced.

I shutter at the thought of where I really came from, you see

Was it so dark no one would ever see the light in me

I have some you know,

I have things I value so,

I write to let go

But chance has sometimes caught me unaware.

If a choice came to be free

After seeing all there really is to see

Would you undoubtedly choose to stay with me?


Thank you for reading 🙂


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