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Funny Pictures~

Slide 4 of 44: "You can't sit with us!"
Slide 5 of 44: When your food arrives at a restaurant and you start eating before realizing that nobody else got their meals yet.
Slide 6 of 44: Walking down the street with that "fresh from the groomer" swagger.
Slide 7 of 44: Me trying to imagine myself getting on board with the tiny house movement.
Slide 9 of 44: The package says it was delivered and yet it's nowhere to be found.
Slide 15 of 44: TFW you're at one of those hibachi restaurants and you try to catch the zucchini in your mouth and it hits you on the cheek instead.
Slide 22 of 44: When you're wearing socks and step in water.RELATED: You Have to See These Emotional Photos of a Dad At the Birth of His Rainbow Baby
Slide 37 of 44: I wish I was half as calm as this frog at any given time.
Slide 41 of 44: When your mom says, "Do you wanna lick the bowl?", the answer is always yes.

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Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)

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