Tammy was an awkward girl, to say the least. She had transferred to another school, this one, after the school year had already started. She was nice enough, always had a smile on her face. When she would come into the classroom, she liked to carry on conversations with the teacher of the class.They really had no point of discussion, but she felt the need to do so. I think she liked the teachers way better than any of us students. She was rather tall for her age, encumbered with her skinny frame. She was polite and talked with a sort of accent, one you did not really hear much around these parts.

She joined the drama club, the choir, and the debate team at school. I rather thought all these suited her quite well. She was not one of those students that you expected to be popular, since she hardly felt the need to clamor in the various types of school groups. She kept to herself when she was not doing something required for school or in class. I can say I did not know hardly anything about her but when she joined the cheerleading squad, for which I was a part of, I started to get more curious. I would strike a conversation with her ever now an again. Nothing really important but rather a kind of hello. We would laugh at things that we both found funny and that is where we began to start a life long friendship.

I would often hear the other girls in school make fun of her, and often they misjudged her. As I said, she was awkward. Not being the typical kind of girl who all they cared about were boys and makeup tips and fashion, Tammy was more into real life. She loved things. often that made her appear to the person who did not know her, like an older person. If you were blindfolded you would have thought her to be an adult, not a teenager. She had the demeanor of an older person if you can understand what I mean. So the younger petty girls at school never really understand or cared to understand her. Except for me. I really thought it took some kind of character to be a different person and to not be ashamed of it. I know she knew kids were making fun of her and I know it hurt her feelings. Either she was too proud to show her hurt feelings or she was clever enough. All it would take would be her letting go of her feelings and then some kids picking up on it and tormenting her for it.

I sometimes felt like it was my own personal job to make her not feel so ostracized. I really hated the thought of someone so genuinely good, getting hurt or mistreated. This is why we became such good friends. I had empathy and she had character and genuine kindness. She was so misjudged. She was the kind of friend who would come in and fight for you, call you when you are feeling blue, or simply make you laugh. I am glad we became friends. Out of others mistreatments of her, something real and good came, our friendship. We have been friends for so long, it has been well over 30 years.

Never mistreat another human being! They deserve love and kindness just like anyone else. Sure, we all have our quirky side and different opinions and such, but we all are human.

If you take the time to get and know someone, you will see a different side to them, maybe one you will like.

Stop being so judgmental and artificialin your thoughts. Some of my best friends were misjudged and mistreated, all because they were different.

This planet is big enough for us all to be equally treated.

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