The Dandelion

Misjudged and neglected, she somehow, continued to grow. No one saw her, which is why she survived. “The world can be a scary place”, she thought to herself. Every day she was walked upon and still managed to live. Her life was one of loneliness in a world of beauty. Not known for her looks or the benefits she could bring to anyone, she remained important to a select few. If only, people could see something more than her outer self.

She often felt the breeze, on a spring day and listened to the chirps of the birds, flying overhead. This was a life with much to offer someone, if only they could see as she did. She did not have long to live but she made sure to enjoy the little things. This is something people could learn from her. If only they would stop and take notice.

Somehow, she knew within herself how important she could be and that was enough to help her keep going. One day after the next, she would master enough strength to face the challenges of the day. No one in her corner but herself.

One day, she started changing. She knew that her time on this earth was coming to an end. Oh, how she wished someone wanted her before it all ended. Then one day, she was noticed by a person who needed her. This person needed to feel important, too. The person told her of the things that she needed most in her life. The things were simple. To be cherished, loved and noticed for who they were, this was because the person never had anyone feel that way about her.

Oh, how she understood what this person was saying to her. It was almost like that person wanted the same things as her. With a soft gentle blow, the person sent her wishes into the air…

That person needed her, as much as she needed them.

Both of them got their wishes, in the end. Maybe wishes can come true. If you believe.

MwsR <3

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