Life With Regret by MwsR

I may of been frailer

But my mind was strong

I held you off for so long.

The constant race,

Trying to hurry into my room

I felt like a mouse being chased by a broom.

My whole self changed when you were around

Often I sat down upon the ground

Begging for some kind of relief,

Someone to take notice and help me.

In the darkness of my room,

I swore that things would be different

With animosity, I often repented.

What was the reason again, that I was being blamed

I was not the one who brought upon all this shame.

Confused by the appeal

I often felt like my life was not real

Just used to torture my insides

Always in search of a place with which to hide.

You went about your life as if nothing was going on

But for me, mine was a tornado

The feelings came full force, and left behind broken and shattered.

No sense yelling for help,

Just a player in his game

Oh, to wish I never even knew his name.

A kid trapped in an adult world

That was me

Falling apart at the seams

Damage took its part of what was my heart

Never again though, I am too smart

Painful memories burst out every now and then

I have to put a nozzle on them

I must close them off

For if I don’t I would drown under the weight of it all.

Time cannot take those memories from me,

Things seldom are what we mean them to be

Effort is all some have left, in the fight

Of wrong verses right.

A life with regret.

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