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Not Family Friendly Dogs ~ DYK


Chihuahuas are cute. Many people are quick to assume that, because of their small size, they are also the best breeds for children. In reality, they are one of the very strong-willed and stubborn dog breeds. They are quite hard to train especially if they sense weakness in the human leadership shown. They also have the tendency to become aggressive and jealous of young children—all because of their sense to display their dominance over the younger members of the pack. Apparently, they see your kids as members of the pack.

Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute was bred to survive the harsh and isolated environment of the tundra; thus, they are hardwired against being around playful children. They are also notorious for being difficult to train especially if the owner shows signs of weakness. As very firm pack leaders, they require socialization not only from other dogs but also from humans. They are known to attack smaller animals including children. Aside from potentially harming children, they also shed a lot and this is not good especially if—even just one—a member of the family suffers from asthma.


Rottweilers can grow very large. They were first bred for their strength as they are used to pull small carts and herd livestock. Rottweilers are very courageous and loyal; thus, they have a tendency to act violently around strangers. Their strong personality can be controlled with proper training and it is fairly important to show strong leadership all the while. This is the reason why Rottweilers are perfect as guard and police dogs. While strong, they do love to play around. So much so that they sometimes mistake play for something real thus they have a propensity to go on full attack mode.


Bullmastiffs can grow very large and they don’t seem to be aware of their size. This can cause a potential problem especially if you have small children because this dog can easily knock your child down when they start running. They are also more aggressive than other breeds of dogs but their aggression can be trained as long as you show strong leadership. However, you need to train them early because they are difficult to train later in life. They look up to their human as the leader of the pack, so you should avoid showing signs of weakness.

Saint Bernard

The Saint Bernard breed is quite infamous thanks to the movie Beethoven. These dogs are very adorable and can be trained, albeit harder due to their very playful nature. They can be trained to behave well around small children. While they look lovable, the main problem with these dogs is their enormous built and size. They have the tendency to unwillingly hurt small children by knocking them over. The thing is, the playful nature and the size of a Saint Bernard make them difficult dogs for families with very small kids.


Originally a hunting dog, the Weimaraner is full of energy that they need to expind, daily. They love to run around thus they have a tendency to knock children over if they are in the way. They easily get bored and their hunting instincts make them excited when they are in the presence of small creatures, and that includes your kids. But aside from their easily excitable nature, the Weimaraner is also very needy in terms of physical activities and exercise. Their elevated energy, size, and physical needs can often lead to the dog unwillingly injuring young tots.

Australian Shepherd

An energetic and courageous dog breed, the Australian Shepherd was bred as disaster rescue dogs and watchdogs. This dog breed requires frequent physical activities as they are bursting with energy. They need to have their daily walks otherwise they develop behavioral problems. This daily need can be too onerous for families who have young children. Perhaps another reason why this dog breed is not family-friendly is that they are uneasy when meeting new people for the first time. Moreover, they often have the tendency to mistake children as part of their pack, thus they become aggressive towards children’s transgressions.

Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are a strong breed of dogs and they are popular for their inexhaustible energy. They were bred to pull sleds in the snow and their instincts tell them that they take no interest in protecting the family and guarding homes. They also require a lot of care and if you have to take care of both huskies and children, it will be too taxing for you as these huskies can compete with small children for attention. Although it has a strong personality, a Siberian Husky can be trained so that it becomes an extremely loving pet—IF you have the patience.


The Affenpinscher is a mischievous dog breed and they are known to monkey around. They are also inquisitive and stubborn by nature. They are amusing to watch and have around, but if you have small children in the house, then they can be a problem. How? Since they are small, children often think that they are toys, thus the tendency to mishandle them. Although the Affenpinscher can tolerate children’s rough playing, they sometimes defend themselves especially if they don’t feel comfortable. They can be trained. However, you need to show leadership as they can be disobedient the moment you show signs of weakness.

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