My sadness comes calling like an old friend

Brain and heart disheartened

Pulling me in towards those locked away feelings

A spin off of my nightmares versus my hopes and dreams

More than not, burdens of my feelings weight me down

Abuse was not my doing or liking

Then why must it be a part of me still?

Why must it encroach on my space and spread over my face?

No makeup can cover all this

I want to put these emotions out to pasture

Never to bring them back home again.

Let them die out in a field of clover.

Sprinkled with the piles of crap from those ”animals”

My life should mean more

Than this abuse, I implore.

Sadness, remembering, and a lot of hurt feelings

Chased by a strong cup of forgiveness pie.


I am to mean more than an abused one

I want to be more.

When I look in the mirror, I am more.

Abused, survivor, and strong

Now, that’s how I am

Who I am and was,

All along.

Thank you for reading 🙂