Let It Find Me(WAIT), by MwsR

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Wound around my happiness is a reminder of things

Times when I cried, times when I could not sing

Happiness is a faint thing most days

I have longed for it all my life

When will I remember and not be sad

Will my life ever have a period of glad

My heart aches so

I should had known…

Nothing good can exist without an experience of sadness

A period of loss and some of gladness

It is intertwined to co-exist

Something in my younger days I definitely missed

I was trying to survive

Now I must still but also thrive

If my happiness wasn’t bound by people letting me down

I would not know how to keep from being drowned

Maybe I would of sank under all the endless pressures

Perhaps I would of left and wrote that last letter

Who knows,

These are my woes.

My search for happiness will not go in vain

I will prevail and continue still

Then, if happiness comes only for a moment, for a brief second

Let it find me, let it wrap around my memories and heart

I want to feel it, have it

Thank you for reading 🙂