Poem(To the tune of ” hush little baby”)

Some children are abused. They see nothing good. This poem is from their perspective.


Often there are those who have tormented lives. They don’t see hope. They can’t believe in good things again. This poem is coming from an abused child, who’s father abused her.

Hush little lady don’t say a word

Pappa is going to be down right disturbed.

When the night calls

He will be your downfall

And hope will be fleeting from your heart.

Hush little child you are fair game

To the adult that carries no blame

He will abuse you while others sleep

And nothing will ever peaceful keep.

Rush to whomever, tell them no lies

Ask for their pardon, watching their eyes

They won’t believe you and this is sad

For what he did do, he isn’t labeled bad.

Hush now adult that once was a child

You were once labeled and disowned

Fear not you’ll make it, if you can leave

All of that heartache, please just believe.


Thank you for reading 🙂

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  1. Sadly the power in you poem is not just the way you wrote but in the fact that such abuse is common. You dress up the abuse in nice cuddly words of pretended love, how true that can be, so many give accounts like this. Well done you for writing in this way. Thank you for using space to raise real issues, I really admire you for that 🙂

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