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Like fairytales we believed as children, we often tell ourselves lies to convince ourselves we need to believe them. Often, we are just hopelessly searching for that answer(s) to our many questions. The ones where we are seeking love, approval, hope, and support. This was and still is in many ways, myself. Regardless of our plight in life, or the path we find ourselves on, we often scramble to make meaning of it all. I am not sure we will ever truly find all we seek to find. That does not mean I will give up or in. Neither should you give up.

Our battles, our searches may be different in nature, but we all want desperately to succeed in our personal quests. We all look to someone or something else for all we wish to have or be. It is the way of nature, the way of things. All who search, are not lost. Did you get that? All who seek are not lost! Sometimes, we just want more, want to see how far we can actually go. Other times we are just finding our place in this life. I believe we all have meaning and we all have our own personal gifts that are of use to more than ourselves. We are here, I think to be an instrument, if you will, to someone or something else.

Varying thoughts, I am sure you have. What are your thoughts? How do you know? How can you really be sure what it is you were meant to be? Well as personal as underwear, the reasons are too. No one else can help you find out, no one can possibly know what you, yourself, needs. Quit looking for others to do this! Look inside your thought, your feelings, your desires, and needs. Your answer or at least something leading to the answer is in all that.

Fairytales give us dreams of grand things. Reality takes our dreams and puts a spin of perspective and realism to our fairytales.

Don’t live in the fairytale of life, live in the reality of it. No, it won’t be all good, or even all bad! It will be a true one though. One you can physically feel and in a sense, see. It is okay to dream, to fantasize, as long as you come back to the real world. No, hope is not dead. Hope is real, without it, we would make no head way, no forwards, no start, in life. What would be the purpose, without HOPE.

Hope+ Effort+ Opportunity= Moving Forward

Help yourself, hold onto hope, see things as they really are and could be.

Everything is a reaction of an equal and opposite reaction.Just a few thoughts.

I shall see you on this side of the rainbow!

Michelle/MwsR <3

Thank you for reading 🙂



  1. True that we all have our dreams and the poet often writes of those, but only in Hollywood do the wildest dreams come true. The search, or seeking, is a lifetime process but we should have some idea of what we seek. To claim one seeks love might be similar to a claim of seeking inspiration, you will not find it unless you are prepared to work for it. So many seek something that they expect is going to be some form of gift to them, but whether love or friendship, unless there is giving you are not going to find that love or friendship 🙂

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