Blood Clots, How Much Do You Know?

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Blood clots are not something to take lightly. They can lead to heart attack, stroke, and other serious, life-threatening health issues. Everyone should be able to recognize the warning signs of a blood clot — it could mean the difference between life and death. 

1. Skin Discoloration

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If a section of your leg or other part of your skin begins to turn red or extremely pale, it could be the result of a blood clot.

2. Sudden Fever 

source: Mayo Clinic News Network

If you experience a sudden fever, it could be because a blood clot has loosened and entered your bloodstream. You may suddenly feel extremely warm, begin sweating, or begin shivering. 

3. Unexplained Cough

source: Dr. Santa Martha

If you start coughing and can’t pinpoint the reason, it could be due to a blood clot. If you experience an intense, hacking cough, trouble breathing, or cough up blood, you should seek medical attention right away. 

4. Swelling 

source: WebMD

If you experience random swelling or tenderness and can’t think of a logical reason, it could signify the formation of a blood clot.

5. Shortness Of Breath

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If you experience a shortness of breath for seemingly no reason, it could be due to a pulmonary embolism. In addition to feeling short of breath, pulmonary embolisms can also cause dizziness.

6. Fatigue 

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Fatigue is a symptom of infinite different health issues, and it can simply be due to a lack of sleep or feeling rundown. However, the sudden onset of fatigue can also occur when a blood clot has formed. 

7. Protruding Veins 

source: Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials

When a blood clot forms, it can put excess pressure on surrounding veins. This can cause them to appear as though they’re bulging, and can sometimes also produce bruises. 

8. Lower Limb Pain

source: Everyday Health

If you experience pain in your legs and/or feet for no apparent reason, it could point to a blood clot. If you experience one or multiple of these warning signs, seek medical attention right away.

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