Cynical, By MwsR


Things have certainly changed

Times that were easy, oh, how easily they become strained

Dreams that served aa a peaceful reminder

Have rapidly changed all my last hopes, with their slander

I feel so hopeless to the point of no return

My insides are in knots, from all the things, that never are overturned

There are faint whispers of this or that

Recent affections has even changed, in fact

Funny how people wrestle with their soul

For things that they think will make them whole

It is redundant to keep somethings going

Like a rollercoaster, we have rode a bunch, we already know all there is to be knowing

Cynicism is a protection mode

The one that we think can keep us whole

But it can’t, we have to feel and move through things

Even if terrible feelings remain.

If you cannot find a place to deal

There will demons in your head that will.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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