Left To See, by MwsR(me)


Out in this big world

I often wonder where it is I fit

Where my life actually should be

I see vast skies of blues

And yet my eyes are caught in the wonder of them

Doesn’t even matter if I’m seeing the same sky again.

Fluffy clouds over my head

Things that drug me down, escape my thoughts, because of them.

Lots of roads to here or there

Nothing has my interest more than where they may lead

At night travels in the dark of night, arouss me

I find myself enjoying it the same, as in the daylight

Specks of light, I see

Where, and what could they be?

Seeing the vastness if our world

I find myself wanting to explore

Sometimes my curiosity actually leads my mind

Thankful in my heart, that not blind.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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