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Dreams, by MwsR

If you’ve ever awoken with a dream on your mind
Thinking that your real-world ain’t fine
Then you can understand a little of mine.
If the thought of something keeps foremost in your thoughts and dreams
Then it’s time to re-evaluate things.
If you do you’ll see what it brings.
Time is not an indicator of a change
Its how you use your time, the little that remains.
That way, in the end, nothing leaves a permanent stain.
Dreams can be indicators maybe of problems in your real life
They can help to open your eyes.
Maybe for you, it’s as simple as using a knife.
Others though don’t look at it all that wise
They think dreams are lies.
They fail to see between the lines.
I believe sometimes God gives us dreams
Helps us to look at different ways of things
Sort of, like him carrying us on his wings.

Thank you for reading 🙂