Protect Your Heart By MwsR

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Our chests have an unique way to hide the heart

They in tomb it as if to keep it preserved for ever

But despite our chests best effort we cannot keep our heart from breaking

The visual and physical protection is always there

But underneath all of that, that is where we will fail.


To protect our heart we must do more than exist

Letting go of our hurts isn’t all that there is

Allowing the bruises we experience to heal on their own time

Spending time with someone who really has our best interests in mind

Taking time to relax and to smell the roses

Never lingering too long though, lets the thorns take us in.

Heading into each issue, each hurt for the day

Trying to rearrange each issue and perhaps looking at them in a different way

Doing a good deed for another will surely help us to refocus

Avoiding fights and fusses

Maybe putting one foot in front of the other

Remembering something good, like perhaps your mother

Finding something good from things that might be bad

Loving yourself despite hardships you might of had

Being thankful for each little thing

That will show you sunlight when there is rain

It will comfort you, when you are going through the greatest pain.

Share you life and talents with someone who is down

In doing that you will lose that dreadful frown.

There are things to protect our heart,

You know what they are, because you are smart

This is a reminder that your heart is worth protecting

So try to start , its never too late to start correcting.

Thank you for reading 🙂