Vitamin Deficiencies~

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3 Most Common Vitamin Deficiencies

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Many people believe that malnutrition is not a problem in developed worlds, including the U.S. The country has an abundant food supply that could help meet the population’s nutritional needs. 

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However, studies showed that not all residents of “well fed” communities are healthy. Nutrient deficiencies are also common in the U.S. 

One research conducted in 2018 under the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) suggested that both children and adults in the country have high cases of vitamin deficiencies. 

Researchers found that 31 percent of the entire population was at risk for one vitamin deficiency. Many Americans have been following diets high in calories but low in nutrients. 

Heather Moday, an allergist and immunologist from Moday Center for Functional and Integrative Medicine, has been treating many patients who experienced deficiencies. But she noted Americans lack three common vitamins due to Western diets. And they are as listed below:


It plays an important role in the body and supports 300 biochemical reactions. Moday recommended that people consult their doctors to take some supplements. 

“It’s an electrolyte that we don’t readily get back into our bodies, and we don’t find it a lot naturally in foods,” she told mindbodygreen. “So that one I tend to supplement a lot with.” 

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Vitamin B

Moday said many of her patients lacked vitamin B. This could be surprising since people can get all forms of B vitamins from plant- and animal-based foods. 

She explained that the body easily loses the vitamin because it supports multiple functions, including the nervous system, detoxification system and immune system. However, the Western diet might not provide enough amounts of vitamin B to meet the body’s needs. 

Moday said problems with gut health might also contribute to vitamin B deficiency. 


Moday said zinc is one of the most common vitamins not available in the diet plans. Zinc mainly supports the immune system and helps the body prevent the spread of potentially harmful bacteria and viruses. 

“If I had to pick a deficiency that a lot of people have outside of vitamin D, it would be zinc,” she said. 

Moday said eating more seafood could help treat the vitamin deficiency. Some zinc-rich foods are oysters and mollusks.

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