Poem by me, MwsR


Sadness. By MwsR

Too much because of too little

A lot because of their feelings.

Time is too late because the heart was too fake

Endless because it has overflowed the soul.

Infinite it will remain.

Without warning, it climbed onto your very life

Taking under its own self, the only escape.

Parched are your eyes from losing too many tears while seeing so clearly.

If bandaids could cover one’s inner hurts.

Desperately anguish survives

To merely show one of what hold that it has on them

Breaking anything that gets in its path

It will not waiver from its wrath.

To simply exist is its special torture.

Longing becomes survival

Survival just means to be here or there

Nothing really to gaze upon and understand

Imaginatively giving you it’s a reprimand.

One chance, backed into a corner

Frantic for escape

When this sadness is the captor.

Sadness will have the upper hand.

Thank you for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

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