Religious Poem

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It is important to understand who hung the stars in our beautiful sky
Who is there when we all have started to cry.
The one who made us with our own free will.
The one who helps us up to life’s hill.
Just take the first step and sit with him,
He is eager and waiting to erase sin’s film
The shame we feel can be instantly erased
When by his love he extends us grace.
No man will ever love you so TRUE,
Noone, not any of you.
He gives life meaning and a spring in our walk,
Have you taken the time to sit with him and talk?
Assuredly there will not ever be a better choice you make
When it is with him you rest and then awake.
No diamond ring, no stone or glass is stronger
Will you sit with him and stay a while longer?

Thank you for reading 🙂