Diabolical Disease by MwsR


How can I loath something so much, yet be appreciative of it?

You came into my life like a thief in the night.

Robbed me of hope, trying to blind my sight.

I asked, “Why me?” a million times

Yet, no-one had an answer for me.

I was trapped in this reality.

Healthy eating is my best chance

To combat the damage

To give myself a fighting stance.

You have taught me so much

Yet made me sad and mad and all the rest of emotions

I feel like a prisoner. locked up on this “locomotion”

No pardon, no reprieve

Where is the great cure that will come rescue me?

You have affected me in so many ways

Took my surefootedness and left me

Without anything to grab onto, you see,

Medication is for me like breathing is to live

I wish I could give it away like a gift.

No-one should deal with you

No-one needs you in their life

Rather been cut by the sharpest knife

At least I would be free,

Free of this diabolical disease

My burden to bear, my diabetes.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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