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When Thanksgiving Changed by MwsR

The day has always been celebrated without your presence
The talk never has included you
But when it’s mentioned, it’s of course blamed on you.

No verbal request for you to attend
No reaching out to you to try and heal or mend
It’s okay to point fingers at you
Even though it’s okay to assume.

If you were meant to be there
There’d be no doubt left in the air
You’d feel that, right?
No need to fuss or fight

Instead, Thanksgiving changed
When no one spoke your name
When life without you was expected
Needless to say, the lack of effort, feeling rejected.

When Thanksgiving changed you weren’t there
Even though you wanted to be, you wanted them to care
You wanted to be included more than in a passing thought
It was belonging that you sought.

Go ahead and pass the blame
Don’t let it change anything
But when this old life nears its end
Maybe then…

Thank you for reading 🙂