Poem by MwsR( me)


Don’t Think About Me…

Each time when I happen to cross your mind

Think of just what you’ve left behind

Think of all the days that’s gone

And how much time I’ve been alone

Each picture that was once so proudly displayed

Now is hidden or tucked away

There is not a memory around of me now

Just thoughts in your mind that simply just goes round

Each word or mention of me in passing

Ducking from all the questioning

What to say about decisions made

Because in your heart so heavily they’ve laid

Each tear that was shed was it from regret

Or was it self-pity that you wanted to get?

Shame how time changes some men

Kinda scary to think you’ve forgotten about the sin

Each family event that you’ve planned

One less family member to get the upper hand

Time has a way of showing whose true

Again I’m sorry that it couldn’t be you

So each time I am in your head

Remember it was away from you I was led

Don’t think about me

If only in your mind is where I’ll be

Actions were all it would have taken

For me not to have felt forsaken

Don’t just don’t think about me.

I’m in charge of my life can’t you see?

Each thing I’ve not forgotten

Each word I’ve memorized

Each step from you and you’re still surprised!

Don’t think about me.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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