What I Know by MwsR(me)

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What I Know(Diabetic’s thoughts)

By MwsR

It just takes one bite

And my sugar stays high all night.

One can of a regular coke

And feeling tired afterward is no joke.

Wanting to overeat

But knowing inside it will make my blood sugars peak.

At birthday parties passing up on the cake,

Because you hate that “sugar high” headache.

Feeling tired all day long

The food you ate and what kind was all wrong.

Wanting to get in shape

Exercising only with enough calorie intake.

Going out on the town to a favorite food place

Catching the frown you’re given from your loved one’s face.

Being told “You know that is wrong to do”,

But ask them, “And just who the heck are you?”

It’s not thought about

Never easy without a doubt.

Diabetes is a complication and disease

But doesn’t have to bring you to your knees.

Take control, take back your life.

Make it count regardless of any strife.

Thank you for reading 🙂