Christmas…by MwsR
It is certainly not about who is good or naughty
Now don’t misunderstand me and go-getting haughty.
I think of Christmas as a market made for money
I know some of you are thinking that’s not very funny.
But it is true.
I know you see you, you do.
It should be a celebration about Christ’s birth
The whole frankincense and myrrh.
But sadly I see people so obsessed with gift-giving
Instead they’re putting emphasis on all the receiving.
Now don’t get me wrong I am not saying to be a scrooge
Just have a heart that gives love and love will ensue.
Think about widows and homeless people
Think about those you encounter that come worship under the same steeple.
There are people fighting just to have a reason
to see the magic in this Christmas season.
They may never know till you take the time to show
It’s not something you can find wrapped up with a bow.
It is what Christmas should represent
It was that hope that God had sent.
His son, the newborn king
The one who gives us everything.
The reason for this Holiday.
The time to get on your knees and pray,
And thank him the Lord of all of us
I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

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