Nothing New This Way Comes, By MwsR

How can one talk about the “new”

When my heart still is fighting loving you.

Where can one put this all behind,

All years that were so unkind

Never starting anything

Because of losing almost everything

To say I learnt from being blue

That is the only thing I think that’s true.

Shattered are all those years, of mine

Sacred, was never those tears that I cried

Humble has always been the way to be

Scarred was the love you seldom gave to me.

New Year, same tears

New beginnings, same fears

A twisted justice is my restraint

Walking all over someone, it ain’t

New to who, I have no ideal

I just know these feelings of mine are real.

Here’s to more, missing you, but not

Hoping you’d come, but wishing you’d stop

Dreaming things would be different and change some way

But knowing in my heart, that’s not how this game is played.

And so it’s cheers to the believers, the hopeful, and the humble

The ones who show you how to be real loving

The ones who walk the path seldom trod

Just to make someone else, better than not.

Happy doesn’t seem the appropriate wish

But,” Long live the strong”, is.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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