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Zero…that’s you

By me…MwsR

You can keep your distance

That distance protects me.

You can avoid my questions

But it sends an unsaid answer you see.

Trade in the old life and start a new

But that won’t change the blood that flows in us the same.

Don’t mention my name in family situations

It doesn’t change the fact, we share a name.

When talking about the past and I’m left out

There’s still going to be the unspoken.

Like all of us from time of our birth

The bond cannot be broken.

Time will just keep happening

And you will stay the same…inside.

But nightmares at night

You cannot hide.

A seldom encounter….

A similar place

A once in a while glance

When we’re near face to face.

Explains everything but nothing

Expresses too much but too little also.

A look in your mirror

Tells who is the ZERO!

Thank you for reading 🙂