Journey By MwsR

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Seems just yesterday we were getting things ready for your prom

Things were so very different and unknown back then.

Many dreams, hopes, and wishes that never seemed to end.

I remember how nervous you were being all “dolled up”,

Yet,to me you were such a true beauty, despite the makeup.

I wish I had collected every thought and word, all those years ago.

I always wanted to be there for all your “firsts”,

All the times when your spirit seemed about to bust.

Those times when everything I did seemed to be just enough.

You were the first, for me.

So beautiful and tiny,

So meek and yet so strong.

Oh, how I long to be there once again,

When there was nothing better than holding your small hand.

How could that path turn to such a different one?

I feel we lost something along the way,

Something that either was burnt or got tattered

Those feelings we may never have again.

I long for the day when the sun shines our way again

When all that will matter is us and our love.

Here’s to and through the journey, of us.

Thank you for reading 🙂