It by MwsR (AGAIN, just a poem…)

Stillness makes you vulnerable
Quietness makes you scream
Inside things are changing, it’s a complicated thing.

Listening does not make you smarter
Just makes you a listener of things
It’s what you do for others, and what is doing it, it brings.

Foremost in your mind,
It will be for a while
Not letting you go, that’s not it’s style.

Torment is what you place on your own self
And there is so much of it to go around
It will hold you up and then knock you onto the ground.

There will be those that beg it to go away
Those that know nothing else but it
And those that will try to rise out from the bottomless pit.

Success depends on your thoughts
What you say to yourself when it is going on
What you believe of yourself when you’re all alone.

No one can make you happy and free, but you.
No one can give you the right advice
The words, the actions, and it is true.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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