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In valleys green and still

by A. E. Housman

An illustration for the story In valleys green and still by the author A. E. Housman
Forest Wander, West Virginia
    In valleys green and still
    Where lovers wander maying
    They hear from over hill
    A music playing.

    Behind the drum and fife,
    Past hawthornwood and hollow,
    Through earth and out of life
    The soldiers follow.

    The soldier's is the trade:
    In any wind or weather
    He steals the heart of maid
    And man together.

    The lover and his lass
    Beneath the hawthorn lying
    Have heard the soldiers pass,
    And both are sighing.

    And down the distance they
    With dying note and swelling
    Walk the resounding way
    To the still dwelling.

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