Hurts And All That, by MwsR


A seemingly nice morning,

Moving through mundane chores and so forth

You enter my mind

It is as if it all comes to a screeching holt.

I understand very little of what it is that perplexes my soul so.

Hurts and all that stuff that makes your day change.

Enjoying my favorite radio station,

Jamming with the artists and the tunes,

Feeling great and reminiscing about younger days

When those tunes were the first time played.

Then, it all changes

Because it takes me back to a torment of time

Hurts and all stuff like that.

Why must the best of days be chased away with the worries of tomorrow,

Have I not re-arranged my feeling so much, already?

I have gave up some of the best times

For the haunting presence of the worst of my life

For all those hurts and all that stuff that makes us or breaks us.

Thank you for reading 🙂

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