More Than This! Poem by MwsR

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So many people are focused right now

To the virus that is sweeping through the town

The focus is only to remain free

From all the germs and infectious seeds

Instead of concentrating on their eternal soul

They worry over physical things, I’m told

Never give much mind

To the eternal part, they are so blind.

Sure, noone wants to be sick and poor

Noone wants to suffer anymore

Sadly, the eternal life we can get

Takes a back seat to all the fret

No one looks into their soul’s demise

Plans for the inevitable last day, they remain so blind

Think about the everlasting, the eternal home

Take guard against the enemies of the soul

Greed, lust, envy, and more

Our life will not end on this earth’s shore

We will have a place to go,

It will be a heavenly one or a fiery hole.

Prepare, don’t despair

More in this life than what we have to bare.

More than this!

Thank you for reading 🙂