Change, by MwsR

When the time comes that you reflect over your life and things you’ve done

Will you see someone smart or someone dumb?

Those things you thought were fun,

The things that you swore hurt no one.

Were they worth it?

Were they proper or were they like that of a nitwit?

Are the ones that stood with you now standing apart?

You already know the answer because it is deep in your heart.

Time can’t erase certain deeds, certain paths you chose, the things left undone,

You can’t blame that on anyone.

Certain people let you down, you say

I’m certain they would not see it that way!

No one controls your spontaneous combustion,

It is certainly your life, not theirs that needs constant adjustment.

Go ahead smell all those “roses”,

Hang around all those that constantly poses,

But when that gets old or you find some other venue

Maybe you will see what you’ve put those that love you through.

It’s hard to be happy when you’re playing catch up all the time

Trust me, I’ve seen that with friends of mine.

Think before you act

Always leave things intact.

Don’t refuse to pay back anyone who’s lent you a hand

Take the praise and the reprimand.

Swallow your pride,

Keep your mouth closed from the inside.

Listen to reason,

Be willing to change the wrong things just like the months change the season.

“And you will be a man, my son.” (If, by Rudyard Kipling”)

Thank you for reading 🙂

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