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Visit by MwsR

There is a place whether in a dream or in life
That you can imagine yourself being, and leaving behind all the strife.
That place is a resting place for your soul and mind.
It is one that no one but you can find.
When shadows try to take your sun away
You can revisit this place and for a while stay.

A place for comfort, reflection, and rest
This place is simply the best.
Everyone has their own place like this
There is no challenge there, at least not in this.
Visit this place when you need to
Go there when you can, I plead.

When you get ready to pack
Take only what you need to come back.
Leave behind all the negativity and pain
Because with those things life surely will seem the same.
Revisit if and when you can
There your strength will help you stand.

Thank you for reading 🙂