Word of the Week, In Three Different Languages



to scuba dive


  1. Mi esposo y yo estábamos buceando en Maui cuando vimos una mantarraya gigante pasar justo al lado de nosotros.My husband and I were scuba diving in Maui when we saw a huge manta ray pass right beside us.
  2. Vamos a bucear con tiburones en Cancún en las próximas vacaciones.We are going to scuba dive with sharks in Cancun on our next vacation.



[ˈsko͞obəˌdīv]VERBscuba-dive (verb) · scuba-dives (third person present) · scuba-dived (past tense) · scuba-dived (past participle) · scuba-diving (present participle)swim underwater using scuba-diving equipment.

“visitors can learn to scuba-dive in the Marine Reserve”

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scuba diving  noun

Gerätetauchen nt

less common:Scubatauchennt · Sporttauchennt“scuba-diving” could be Present Participle

scuba-dive  verb (scuba-divedscuba-dived)

tauchen v (mit Gerät)

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