Hooray, Mother’s Day by MwsR

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Excellent, another Mother’s Day without a mother

Another year that’ll show things bright and clear

More gifts I see from other’s to their mothers

While no gifts for me to give to mine, no need to bother.

Another day to celebrate the love and affection

That I have been without during this entire affliction.

No dinners with my mother dear

No celebrating, not any certain rights, here.

Great! Another one to pass me by

Another Mother’s Day to make me cry

So many things that I would like to be in my heart

But that isn’t what is real or smart

I won’t ever have much to show on this holiday,

From the one who made me this way.

But that is really okay

I’m learning not to expect things anyway.

Hooray, another Mother’s Day!

Thank you for reading 🙂