Daisy…oh,this is my favorite flower!

I just love working the earth with my own two hands. This time of the year things are being planted, they are growing and then producing. I have been busy this year. My husband made me a garden shed with raised beds. This is the first time I’ve had raised beds.

I just love this. My husband but the wood himself. He has a portable sawmill.

There are tomatoes, squash, zucchini, cabbage, cosmos, and green peppers in there. I hope it will be a good harvest. I’ll let you know. I also have a lemon tree in there, for which I’m going to have to put in a more permanent pot, very soon. This is my first time with a lemon tree and it is dwarf size…or patio size. I hope it grows well.

I also have more flowers this year. I am starting most by seed but have planted some as well. I love feeding the butterflies, bees, and birds. I have corn planted also. I just love corn on the cob. Don’t you?

I have strawberries in a huge pot. I put one pepper plant in a pot. Some tomatoes are hanging and pot, along with onions, chives, lavender, cilantro, dill, etc. I have oregano in the ground it survives year after year. Banana trees, I never have to replant. I wish they produced bananas but they haven’t. They will multiply.

Pineapple plant.
Banana Trees
Avocado Plants, I’ve grown from seeds.

So there are a few pictures I wanted to share.

I am sitting outside with a slight breeze blowing, listening to my wind chimes, and the sounds of the birds. It is a wonderful, relaxing thing to do.

I hope to see the fruits of my labor and hope my family will enjoy all the good I’ve worked hard to grow.

Hope everyone is great and I will see you on this side of the rainbow…šŸŒˆ

ā¤ļø MwsR

Thank you for reading šŸ™‚

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  1. I think Iā€™m waiting until next month to plant anything. We still have cold mornings and it hails every other day.

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