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Dominion by MwsR

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“Sometimes in one’s own mind, we must create the life we wish we had. I was good at that, back then. But then again, I was given no choice.” MwsR

Which day was it that I lost me?

Surely someone else had to see

There were things that changed within me

Certainly, someone must of noticed it all

Perhaps it all was so subtle and I was small

I understand the “turning a blind eye”

At my expense though, and all of it still makes me cry

You were the adult, the one who was in power

So why over me did you tower

Maybe it was a certain disposition

Undoubtedly a grown ups condition

Because before you I was not aware

That people like you, were out there

The only thing left in tact back then was my innocence

My desire to imagine and invent

I was a pro at it,

Guess I had to act

Because for me reality would of set me back

It would have made me a “quack”

Imagining was my soul’s companion

Surrounded by your twisted dominion.

Thank you for reading 🙂