Plagued By MwsR

We all have pasts. Things we may be plagued by.

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Footsteps seem to float after the millionth step I take

Plagued by the thoughts and “what if’s and “how come”

Am I the only one?

Breathing increases as my mind races through all the history

Apologetic some, but mostly filled with remorse

I sometimes wish I could scream tell my voice becomes hoarse.

Plagued by the circumstances that always seemed to surround me

I was innocent yet guilty by association and by who I loved

Temporary cause for insanity searching, still praying to the powers above.

Plagued by missed opportunities

Were they simply a smear in time?

The journey certainly was all mine.

Memories are jaded, conversations were of equal influence

Persistent ramblings trying to search

All while trying to stay on my perch.

My life, my story

Plagued by the position I was in,

The once in a lifetime, that was back then.

Thank you for reading 🙂