The book is out! Heart Chimes!

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Link to the book, just published it. Fourth in my Heart Series!

Heart Chimes

  • Excerpt from”Heart Paths” by MwsR
    It Surrounds Me I wish my life would just let me be I smother underneath it’s grasp that surrounds me The many times I could not count on my two hands If there was a stack it would take a million rubber bands No one can measure the uneasiness I feel Thank you for reading
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  • Excerpt from my book, “Heart Stones”
    Change, by MwsR When the time comes that you reflect over your life and the things you’ve done Will you see someone smart or someone dumb? Those things you thought were fin The things that you swore hurt no one. Were they worth it? Were they proper or were they like that of a nitwit?
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  • Excerpt from my book, “Heart Stones”, by MwsR
    This is one of my books. It may contain spelling and grammar errors. This book has poem form my heart. Pure, raw, and unfiltered.
  • Excerpt From my book, “Heart Songs”
    I wrote this poem as I was thinking about my biological family. Since being adopted, they were always on my mind, so much so, I would spend many of my days wanting to run out and find them. MwsR Urge The sudden urge to just go Following through On an intuition, that inside you grew
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  • Excerpt From My Book, “Heart Paths”
    I wrote this poem while I was reminiscing on my life past. Since I am adopted I often find myself looking at where I came from and where I am headed. it often brings to my mind poems that just come out. This was one of them. MwsR I See This Space by MwsR There
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