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Real by MwsR

Just like a song

You’re playing your life

All wrong.

Never happy

Never satisfied

No, I’m not being sappy!

In an instant

Your life here was no more

That day you were persistent.

You chose to run

I tried to stop you

But it had only just begun.

A hole inside me

Where once you were

Your choice, you see.

Moving on

Staying still

A different pawn

Choices we make

Can bend us or be all too much

Try being real now…not fake.

Standing in decisions

Means getting dirty sometimes

Stitching up a life means first cleaning the incisions.

Sometimes it’s in following dreams

You forget to fix the holes

Never fully fixing it, it seems.

Let the rest of it

Be real, not a mimic

So you’ll have a life you fit.

Thank you for reading 🙂