THE by MwsR

The urgency of your day

Walking faster, just to get away

Silent opposers at every side

The constant need to say “Good Bye”

Frantic outbursts you say when you’re alone

Trying to manage it before your mind is gone

Secrets that come a calling

Trying to bury things will only keep it prolonging

Open arguments that never get settled

Each person goes there own way, feeling ground leveled

Things left in boxes because you have little motivation

Chores that need to be done, but don’t get done, exhaustion

Things that wear us out, bring us to a standstill

Mind and actions that we shove through, still

We should repair, rejuvenate, and remove

After all there is nothing we need to prove

But all is for gain and affects everything

Running away never solves anything,

Putting off things, you’ll never accomplish much

This is the truth of it, as such.

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copyright@Mwsrwritings 2020