Changes (Health)

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The smallest changes can impact your health. Here are a few…

  • Give yourself a break. Plan your task around the way you feel. If you have little energy, only do things that don’t require a lot of energy. f you have a lot of energy, for the things that require the most energy.
  • Make a routine. Plan for things like exercising, cooking, healthy routines, and repeat those routines weekly to establish habits.
  • Make your own go-to meals. If need a real, those will come in handy. Make a list of them.
  • Plan goals that you can do and journal about them.
  • Figure out what you can do when you .feel stressed, tired, or lack energy. Things like listetning to music, taking a walk, or stretching, perhaps.
  • Write yourself notes. Things like groceries, errands you need to do, books you want to check out. Put them in one place so you can check on them.

Thank you for reading 🙂