Rain And Death

Today it’s raining where I am at. Not a bad rainy day until I heard about an acquaintance dying. I have always thought of a rainy day, in congruence with God crying. It also seems like when someone has passed that I know, more often than not, it is raining. Not every time someone does but it happens.

Have you ever thought of anything like that? Like God works in mysterious ways? I have and I know others do too. It just seems natural that an omnipotent, omniscient, God who can see everything and know everything, that he would express himself through nature.

Today when I heard of that acquaintance passing I felt sadness for her family. She has two sons and countless others she ”mothered” in her lifetime. It is a sad thing. The rain made it affect me more. I think of rain as not cheerful or fun. Oftentimes it bums me out. So after I said prayers for her family, the rain stopped. Amazing huh? Perhaps. It could have been just a coincidence or more.

It since has started back raining. I feel sadness for this lady’s family. I heard that she knew her heavenly father which should provide some peace for her loved ones. You never really know who might just be touched by her death. Perhaps those who knew her might become better people because of knowing her. It is something one could only wish that their life would be, a good impact for another.

So, I shared some of my days with you. I hope that you all try your best to be a good person and leave behind a legacy that is honorable and meaningful for your loved ones.

I shall see you all on this side of the rainbow!!!!🌈


Published by

Mws R

"If you are going to write, write from the heart." MwsR "Life has not been the easiest, but it could certainly have been worse!" MwsR Life is about doing all you can to help others. Don't go chasing rainbows, make your own pot of gold. Love, Hope, Faith, the greatest of these is Love!

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