Hope everyone is doing great, on this day February 8, 2019.

It is a nice mild weathered day here, with a slight breeze blowing. I was contemplating something recently. It has to do with a call for my readers or followers. I was wondering how a post or several posts dedicated to someone or otherwise. My thoughts on this post or posts would be to have you, my readers, followers, and such to send me love poems or love letters, perhaps, maybe something along those lines , dealing with love, for me to showcase on my page. I am hoping you will help me out with this. I would like to call the post title, “LOVE”, appropriately entitled.

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I will be using this picture for the corresponding posts.

Again, I would like participation from my friends and fellow writers, and followers, I would ask that you send me the stuff you wish me to post, by emailing me at Please get those to me by February 12th.

Please help me out. I shall see you on this side of the rainbow.

Thank you! MwsR <3

My thoughts…

Being a caregiver is great, but not when you let it take over your free time or when you put yourself on the back burner.

Sometimes we must take care of ourselves first, so we can take care of others without ourselves falling apart.

It is okay to say, “No”, or “That is enough.”

MwsR <3



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How we see ourselves is not always how others do.

It is a defining thing for the way we deal and interact with others.

Sometimes it really hard to come to terms with what we find out.

If someone takes the time to tell you things about yourself, that they perceive, perhaps we could benefit from knowing, and in turn, turn things around that might be upside down.

If we do not like what others see we can take the opportunity to change and help them to see us in a different light.

Who knows?

MwsR <3

Identity, my thoughts, MwsR

There are those born into an identity.

Then there are those born without one.

The ones without one search for one they think they should have.

The ones born with an identity think their choices and lot in life is already chosen for them.

What one has , the other does not.

The one without identity at birth, have an opportunity to make their own. They have no real “limits” to whom they can be.

Which one is worse off? Which one had it made?

Both suffer, but both have the ability to change their own identities any time they wish.

The task in doing so will certainly be different for them, but the outcome the same.

They will have taken control of their own life and given it the identity of their choosing.

MwsR <3

Thoughts Over Coffee

I am struggling with so many burdens, this holiday season. I always do. I will be okay though.

Part of living is feeling, and sometimes it hurts to feel. That should not stop us, you, or me.

Take what you feel, put it into perspective, set it aside on a “back burner”for a while if you must.  We all need a little time, to just rest.

Pick those feelings back up and work your way through them. Possibly a minute at a time, maybe a few days, possibly years. Take the needed time. Until one day those feelings have moved to a different way or position in your mind.

It is okay to feel bad, cry, close off yourself (only for a short time) just don’t let yourself stay down.

It gets very lonely at the bottom of feelings, you don’t want that.

To everything, every feeling, every hurt, give them a proper place in your head, your mind. Then move them out or better yet, replace them with better ones.

I am not a psychologist, doctor, or expert, but I have and do feel this thing called LIFE.

Have a good rest of your day.


You deserve unconditional love.

You are worth it!

Mwsr <3

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