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Blue’s Story~ Garden Time!

So much fun it was to do the “garden thing” with Blue’s grandmother. She always looked forward to going out into the garden and picking fresh vegetables to bring into […]

Blue (from Blue’s thoughts)

I know how it feels to be scared. I have spent most of my life being scared. I have felt like there was no-one to trust but many to fear. […]

Blue ~ Boo!

Most kids grow up hearing ghost stories and things about evil and rarely ever see the evil that lives and breathes right alongside them, daily. MwsR Sometimes it isn’t what […]

Blue~The Garden

The Garden Often when we reflect on the days so long ago, we remember with a sense of fondness… This was how Blue remembered. She remembered the talks, the smells, […]

Blue~ The End of The School Year

Ah, the end of the school year! Most kids are looking forward to it, but not Blue. End of the school year meant having to be stuck at home. Home, […]

Blue~ Some Background

Birth~ and beyond Blue was adopted. She knew the family that adopted her was her biological relatives. Her Aunt adopted her and she was being raised alongside her (cousins) a […]


Easter, ah, the time when eggs get dyed, candy is given, and there is a big meal for the family… Easter was one of the best holidays for Blue. She […]

Blue~ Blue Hurts Too

Blue never really understood why she was hurting someone’s feelings if she asked questions about where she came from and things of that nature. It just seemed natural that she […]

Blue• Storms

Today was one of those gloomy, dreary days. It had rained all dang day and Blue could not stand it. She had always hated days where it rained. This was […]

Blue, Did Not Recognize Her

There was this one day … Timeline The time line for this story was the teenage years of Blue, she was around 15 and still unaware of most things in […]

“Blue” Christmas

Let’s move ahead to one of Blue’s Christmas’… As always there was a big decorating frenzy for Christmas, Blue was helping unpack things from a box or two while her […]


For Blue holidays were a time where family came over to her house and ate together, opened gifts, or what have you. She enjoyed all the food, and especially the […]

Blue…Story Goes On/Sisters

Sisters Today was not unlike all the many days before for Blue. She awoke with not much on her mind, in way of things to do, but to get herself […]


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Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)

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