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Upcycle~Key Rack

upcycled key rack

How to make an upcycled key rack

The first thing you will need to make your new key rack is a piece of wood. This is a great opportunity to repurpose bits and bobs saved from previous projects. Next you’ll need some deadbolt locks and doorknobs. If you don’t have any old ones laying about there is a great chance your local thrift shop or Habitat for Humanity Restore will.

Leave your piece of wood as is or give it a stylish stain. Then lay your locks and doorknobs out and mark where you want them to be. In order for your knobs to sit flush you will need to make a groove in the wood with a router. A router is a woodworking tool used to hollow out a piece of wood.

Once you’ve finished with your router, drill holes for attaching the door knobs and locks. At this stage your upcycled key rack will look like this:

upcycled key rack

Then, simply attach the knobs/locks and you’re done. If you don’t have the original keys from the locks then just get blank keys to add to your key ring. You can now hang up your finished doorknob key rack and give your keys a place of their own.

upcycled key rack

Source: kara paslay designs

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Upcycle~ Halloween Decorations

Ghost jugs

Make ghost jugs by drawing ghost eyes and mouths on milk jugs. Cut a hole in the back of the jug to insert the lights. Share one string of lights by placing a few jugs close together.

Source: Disney Family Fun

Haunted Spirits

To make haunted spirits put a shirt on a dressing stand (or chair) and spray with fabric stiffener. Once it dries the shirts will be stiff and easy to stuff with lights. Hang your spirits from trees with hangers.

Source: Post Scriptum on Flickr

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Michelle Brand is an environmental designer who specializes in upcycling plastic bottle bottoms into decor features. Michelle creates plastic bottle flowers by cutting and sanding the plastic bottle bases and tagging them together using a clothing attacher gun.

As an environmental designer, Michelle focuses on working with materials that others consider waste. By turning discarded plastic bottles into art, she challenges the notion that empty plastic bottles are useless. Michelle was drawn to plastic bottles as she find the pre-existing shape and material a challenge. She excels with the medium and uses the plastic bottle flowers to create iconic ceiling to floor pendant lights and flower walls.

In order to make a 6 foot cascade lamp Michelle must hand assemble 540 plastic bottles after first washing, drying, cutting and sanding them. To her the plastic bottle flowers are more than art and carry an educational message to consumers about reusing so-called waste material. Michelle believes consumers are becoming more environmentally savvy and are drawn to upcycled products as they are interesting and exciting. High-end USA chain Neiman Marcus carries her Cascade Lancashire chandelier range.

plastic bottle flowers

Source: Michelle Brand

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Upcycle~ Record Bowls

How to make a record bowl

Step 1

record bowls

Assemble the records you want to upcycle. If you don’t have any oldies lying around then head over to your local thrift store and grab some for around a dollar a piece. We selected the classics: Madonna, Wham, Olivia Newton John and Swing Gently with Strauss.

(The latter apparently was not a hit sensation.)

Step 2

record bowls

Preheat your oven to 100-120°C. That’s 200-250°F. Place an oven safe bowl, mug or metal colander on a baking sheet.

Step 3

record bowls

Place your record on top of the oven safe bowl and put it in the oven. The side of the record placed directly on the colander will become the inside of the bowl. Bake your record for a few minutes and remove from the oven when the record starts to wobble and melt.

Step 4

Your record will be malleable for a few seconds only so work quickly, bending and pinching as you see fit. Careful, the record will be hot to the touch! If you want the record to stay still while you work, secure it to the bowl with a stick.

Step 5

record bowl

You can hand mould your record bowls or push them into another bowl to form a new shapes.   This is the time to experiment and try out new techniques. If you don’t like the results you can always pop your record back into the oven and melt the mistakes away.

Well done, you now have some rocking record bowls!

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Upcycle~ Book Ends

telephone bookends

How to make telephone bookends

These bookends are easy to put together. First find the 2 old phones you’d like to use. Remember, they don’t have to match.

Next take 2 pieces of thin metal 7.5″ long and 1.5″ wide. These will be the base that your phones stand on. Now drill a centered hole 1″ from the end of each metal piece. Then take a larger drill bit and screw another hole on top of the first, not quite all the way through. This creates a countersink which allows your screw to sit flush on the bottom of the metal strip.

The next step is optional, if you’d like you can spray paint your metal strips and allow them to dry.

Then take a cordless drill and screw the metal piece to the bottom of the phone after positioning it the way you’d like it to stand. Glue a felt strip to the bottom of the metal base with a a hot glue gun.

Finally position your books and prop them up with your new telephone bookends!

telephone bookends

Does this remind anyone else of the 90’s tween board game Dream Phone?

Source: A Beautiful Mess

telephone bookends

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Ladder Drying Rack

When laundry time comes around, do you find yourself hanging damp clothes all over the house? We thought so. Rebecca Kuenzi needed somewhere to hang-dry her clothes without taking over her small laundry room. She immediately found the perfect use for an old wooden ladder she had wanted to put to use. She cut the ladder in half, painted it turquoise and screwed four hooks into the top. She then added chain links and hung it directly from the ceiling. To hang her clothes from the ladder, she added multiple shower curtain hooks to each rail. Now clothing can be hung with ease and the drying rack can stay out of the way when not in use.

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