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Things To Never Do To A~ Dog It’s especially important to keep an eye on your pets during warm weather months.  High temperatures can cause your furry friend to experience life-threatening heatstroke, and even the warm-weather […]

Flea Repellent For Your Home And Pets

Borax, Baking soda, Salt and lemon essential oils from Young Living. Borax and baking soda will kill the adult fleas, the salt will dry up the eggs and the essential oils […]

Pet-Friendly Plants

Kritsada Panichgul 1African Violet Want houseplants that are pet-friendly that also produce gorgeous blooms? Look no further than African violet. It comes in a range of purple and pink hues, is […]

Signs Of Fleas, On Your Pets

How to Spot the Signs of Fleas The problem begins with some scratching here and there. Maybe you spot some tiny specks around the house that you might’ve missed before. […]

Why Your Cat Licks You…

She’s showing affection. If you think your cat is expressing her love for you when she licks you, you’re likely right. “Cats that have a relationship with one another—be it mother and […]

Reblog ~ Homemade Pet Treats Thank you for reading 🙂

Homemade Cat Treats

Homemade Cat Treats Ingredients: 1 can tuna in oil, drained 1 egg 1 1/4 cups of flour, plus extra for dusting 1/2 cup water dash of parsley bottle cap for […]

Snack TIme Options For Your Pet

Human Foods That Are Good for Your Dog & Cat Here are a few healthy treats to try: Carrots: 1/8 cup slices (7 calories) Asparagus: 3 spears (10 calories) Blueberries: […]

Homemade Diabetic Dog Food

Ruby Stewbie – Diabetic Dog Food Welcome to Ruby’s Diner! I made my diabetic dog this homemade recipe from 2008 to 2016. Control canine diabetes with a low glycemic dog […]

Pumpkin Dog Treats

Frozen Pumpkin Dog Treats Ingredients 1 cup plain yogurt 1 cup pumpkin puree Directions Mix pumpkin and yogurt together in a bowl Divide the mixture evenly into an ice tray […]

Thanksgiving Foods That Are Not Good For Pets Stuffing: Thanksgiving dressing is often made with onions, scallions or garlic. These ingredients are extremly toxic for pets and can cause life-threatening anemia. This is the destruction of red […]

Pets~ Things You Should Know

INSIDER asked a group of pet experts about some of their best advice for those who have animals. Socializing your pets is great for their mental and physical health, according […]

Products That Are Causing Cancer In Your Pets

Elephants and naked mole rats are two animals that rarely get cancer. Scientists believe these two creatures may have genetic mechanisms that allow them repair damaged DNA (which could otherwise precipitate […]

Cat Nutrition

From Kitten to Senior Cat Food: Cat Nutrition by Lifestage Published byChristine O’Brien‎ Your cat’s age is something that needs to be considered when choosing the proper food for your […]

Pet Owner~ What Certain Dog Behaviors Mean

Interpreting Common Dog Behaviors & the Meaning Behind His Moods Published byErin Ollila Contributor Photo‎ Your pup’s actions tell you a lot about his mood. And although you may not […]


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