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Greatest Woe by MwsR

Sometimes the things that bring us joy

Bring also trouble and pain

Thoughts we had planned in our heads

Make us weary when they are changed,

Some of our greatest woes comes from that

While we are weary they alter our peace

Peace that we had until then

Our greatest woes often come from the thinking within

Sadness robs the happy man of control

He loses his smile and joy, when he tarries so

After all, what are smiles but upside down frowns!

More than not people live life in the past

Meaningless attempts, because nothing ever lasts

Why not live like there is only today?

As the saying goes, “Learn not to expect and you’ll never be disappointed.”

If we cannot achieve what we want,

We will settle, much to ourselves, its a loss

If disappointment can be a challenge,

Sorrow will come in yielding the sword that can kill.

Trouble will accumulate and bring with it his friends

Our life will be like a hostage, to that

Hope is not bad but it gives false security and bliss

It clings to our dreams and even our obscurities

It paints a false illusion,

Unless with the hope you can carry knowledge

Knowledge that things can alter at any moment,

And then after you collect your new perspective on things,

You can then come to a different hope.

Constantly re adjusting,

Forever changing,

Our greatest woes are defining

Just don’t let them take charge

Find ways of adapting, changing, and thinking.

Then our greatest woe won’t defeat us.

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We Forget by MwsR

In self-inflicted blindness, we forget all the ones that are in pain�

Then we turn and look over our shoulders never accepting the blame.�

Onward we keep going, forever clueless in our own little bubble�

Looks like we should access while we are down in the rumble,�

But we don’t and then we deceive ourselves into thinking that all is right,�

Even when we toss and turn away into the night.�

What is it that makes a person truly at peace?� Is it knowing that others we can deceive if they only believe?�

It’s like a game of chance that we are willing to partake of�

Not caring who we step on or who we shove.� Selfish we enter this world, selfish we leave it.�

It’s not just me thinking this and you better believe it.�

Why can’t we stop fooling ourselves, �

Stop hurting others because they let us, themselves?�

We need to acknowledge that we all play a part in this world together.�

God didn’t create us to be alone, especially forever.�

To care about others we give parts of ourselves away,�

For as long as it takes, maybe a year, maybe for just a day.�

Anyone worthy of love is worth the learning�

When others come first, in actuality we come alongside them.�

No, we can’t be always good or right, but we can bring things up and together, just like a seamstress’s hem.

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Value Of Things~MwsR Thoughts

Often we do not look fully at the honest to goodness value of things or people. We should always try to. There is hidden value in almost anyone and anything. Sometimes it takes an earnest double-take to spot hidden values.

How about that mailman? Or postal worker? How often do you fully understand their value to your own life? They make it possible for you to receive correspondence and bill notices, and things you might buy from online web purchases. Often we overlook the much-needed value of having postal workers or mail carriers. Just to name one in particular.

The next time you pour yourself a cup of coffee, take a look at the mug or cup you have your coffee in. We often take for granted that we have something that can hold our coffee. Perhaps you missed the value of having something strong to hold that coffee in. Maybe you haven’t noticed the beautiful display someone painted or superimposed on your mug or coffee cup. Not only will that cup hold your coffee, but it gives you something that may inspire you, explain your thoughts in way of a slogan or quote, but it serves multiple purposes.


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@2020 MwsR Writings

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Frozen by MwsR

Can you feel it?

Can you feel it way down deep?

Or has it haunted you in your sleep?

You have become numb and changed

The pieces that were once limber are stiff.

Why is it that we stay on that frozen cliff?

Too many things have been affected

Your goals and your visions have become neglected.

It’s as if your own soul has been rejected.

You can no longer see clearly now there is a haze

You try to get back what time tries to erase

When in all actuality you cannot continue the chase.

Waiting for that one rock to knock you and shatter you into many pieces

Hoping that the Sun will warm you and bring you back to living

Where once breath was inside of you now you have nothing that’s giving.

You are frozen.

You are frozen in time.

You are frozen in time because you have grown cold.

No spark has left no flame will burn

Until this curse has risen

You need to realize what it is you have to give and how much more of your life you have to live, just listen.

You don’t have to be frozen

Time doesn’t have to freeze

You can avoid being cold…

The spark is there it will ignite the flame

The curse will rise and you shall remain

You can give and continue to live.

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MwsR Thoughts

Well… Lots on my mind. Too much to write.

Love Is by MwsR

Love is so complicated…yet simple.
Love is looking at my granddaughter’s dimple.
Love is cotton candy sticking to your finger.
Love is taking the phone off the ringer.
Love is possible if ever something were to be.
Love is for you and it’s for me.
Love is ignorant and foolish and blind.
Love is the clock you want to unwind.
Love is a strand.
Love is not numberable like sand.
Love is great.
Love is passion and a full plate.
💘love love……

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