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Link Of My Books For Amazon

I wrote my first book a few years ago. I was just learning things and since it was self-published, it had grammatical errors and probably misspellings. I hope to one […]

My Latest Book

68 pages. Thoughts and poems. Support a writer! Thank you for reading 🙂

Blue’s Story~ Garden Time!

So much fun it was to do the “garden thing” with Blue’s grandmother. She always looked forward to going out into the garden and picking fresh vegetables to bring into […]


Go into the day without packing a bag…The stuff that matters won’t be found in it.By MwsR Thank you for reading 🙂

MwsR Writings

There is so much conflict in our world today. People are attacking each other through words, actions, and media. No-one is looking at what they, themselves are doing to contribute […]

Today ~thoughts

Today, I felt pain. I felt it surround my heart and once again, I tried to stop it. Why is it that the things we love the most, put such […]

MwsR Writings

Do you often feel that your best is not good enough? I have and I am sure you have at one point in your life, it is practically inevitable. There […]

MwsR Writings~Human Nature

In a world where anyone can be almost anything they want, why do some humans choose to be cruel? I have fought with an answer to this question. I remember […]

MwsR Writings

Have you ever felt really bad about something and wish it had never happened?😞I think everyone has at one time or another.Maybe it was a spontaneous thing or a premeditated […]

The GaMe…by MwsR

Why do we think there is always time? What is it that makes us think we are free from death or separation? It is a constant mind game that we […]

MwsR Writings

To love is to bare your heart…whether it is reciprocated or not.Sometimes it can be wonderful….sometimes it won’t.Don’t stop loving …just don’t.💝MwsR Thank you for reading 🙂


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Enjoy this blog? Please spread the word :)

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